The Conradi Smith Lab

The Computational Biology Laboratory at William & Mary is focused on the application of mathematics to the life sciences.  Our research spans the gamut of biology including computational neuroscience, cell physiology (e.g., calcium signaling), quantitative pharmacology (e.g., receptor modeling), pattern formation, and genomics.  

We are life scientists and neuroscientists, but also interdisciplinary applied mathematicians skilled at practical data science methods and mathematical modeling using differential equations, probability, and high performance computing. We have wide-ranging interests and love a challenge so – if you have a problem that we might help you solve – please contact Greg Conradi Smith at

Computational Biology Lab graduate students are members of William & Mary’s Department of Applied Science located on the ground floor of Integrated Science Center III.   We are highly engaged with various William & Mary STEM initiatives at the intersection of applied mathematics, biology, data science, and bioengineering, especially William & Mary’s Biomathematics Initiative (2009-2015), Biomath Journal Club / Seminar, and Data Science Program.  

Undergraduate research students affiliated with the Computational Biology Lab usually major in Mathematics, Neuroscience, or CAMS Mathematical Biology.


Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash